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Predicatibility in Transportation

Procuring for the transportation of goods in the supply chain is fraught with risks.  Rates and volumes are hard to predict and existing Long Term contracts, when measured against actuals, do not offer the protection or the optimization one might expect.  At Futurefreight we have endured these problems as shippers and have watched major transportation companies deal with them.

Better forecasting is one of the seeds of better planning.  A market that sets the rates and a good plan can help minimize wasted capacity and capital.  As an added benefit, when we reduce per-company waste, we collectively reduce the transportation carbon footprint.  By becoming more informed, we can make each transportation chain more efficient, economical and greener .

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Our patented forecasting system allows shippers and manufacturers to build advanced informational forecasts and securely deliver relevant data to their partners.  High Level aggregated data is available to all participants to inform their course of action.

Procurement planning

With the right information, planning for future freight purchase or sale becomes possible.  Thanks to Real Options, a financial technique used to reduce risks, Futurefreight trading platform allows flexible purchase and sale of freight space to adjust for changing forecasts, while maintaining the flexibility required ahead of shipment.  Risk management starts with a more efficient planning and purchasing structure built on standardization and flexibility.


Predicted volume may or may not materialize and sometimes extra space is needed.  When delivering and moving goods, the final step requires adjusting the plan and executing it.  With Futurefreight, you can easily act on the part of your plan that is needed and buy or sell capacity to adjust on over/under planning.  Early planning minimizes the last minute scamble.

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail
— Benjamin Franklin


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